Tupperware Order Form Name Date Address City State Zip Phone Email Email address used to occasionally inform you of sales and specials Don t miss out Party I may want to Host a party for FREE Tupperware circle one YES Item Description Qty Seal Price Circle form of payment Checks payable to Visa MC Discover Check SHIPPING 10 of retail Min. of 4. 50 Add 6. 00 to Direct Ship Cash / CC Number Expiration NO MAYBE Total Retail Total Shipping Sub-Total Tax TOTAL Signature NOW HIRING Need extra...
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Hey it's jela Barca and today I wanted to do a really quick training on how to use Google Forms for your Facebook parties so Google Forms is just a way that during the Facebook party when it's time for your customers to place an order they can click on a link and it's gonna take them to a an order form that you've created and they fill it out and then hit send and then you're gonna get a summary of their order so let me just show you how to do that how to create a Google Form so first of all I just went to google.com slash forms if you just type that in you're gonna get a page that looks like this and then you're gonna click on go to Google Forms and here you go you're gonna get something that looks like this it's an untitled form so you're gonna title at the top of your form I title it um party in your PJs with Tupperware form description I'm gonna put there Michela Barca that way they know it's it's your order form and then you're gonna start with your questions so you can do whatever you want but these are the questions I use on my order form the first question I put on there is the host name so I put hosts name and then a colon and help text I put who invited you to the Facebook party question mark and then for the answer it's not a multiple choice so I'm gonna just click that on and the answer is gonna fit inside of a text box so I clicked text okay I'm done that that questions done now I'm ready to add a second item this is gonna be my second question your name and I don't need help text on there and it's some bolts it's not a multiple choice I'm going to switch it back to text it's gonna give me a text box they could put their answer in there just add item and you just keep going add item until you're done creating the form my next thing I put on there is what would you like to order and then for that under help text I put a list item and name the item name sorry description and price if possible on my catalogue on Facebook I don't have item numbers so I just ask them for the item name or description and price and that's usually exactly what I get the answer to that is not multiple choice but it's also not a text box I'm gonna click the choice paragraph text cuz it's gonna give me a bigger box for them to rate their answer in because I'm hoping they were gonna order lots of stuff I'm ready for the next one I'm gonna add another question and here's where I go with a shipping all shipping is 10% and then I put in the parenthesis 450 minimum and then I put if you prefer direct shipping it is an additional 450 that way no one's surprised by the shipping cost that somewhere has okay so then this is a question where I put check I put check boxes because I want them to have two options option one is shipped the order to my host and I will pick it up and then I put 10% in that box choice number two option number two of e ship the order directly to my door and then I put 10% plus 450 so they can decide what they want so what's gonna happen in a...